Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Stacie and JJ had a reception last Friday in Salt Lake to celebrate their day with family and friends here. The Garden Park Ward had never looked better in my opinion. I couldn't believe how awesome it looked in bright pink and green. Stacie's friend, who was in charge of food, made these amazing salads that I couldn't get enough of. Then they had an ice cream cone station that was very popular. I was very impressed by how many people came out to support these two. However, I was not surprised. They are a delight and I am lucky I was able to be a part of their wedding celebrations.

Now, Stacie is a pretty great person for many reasons, but let me tell you just one way that she was an awesome bride. Now I have seen A LOT of cake cutting in my time. It is usually the only bite of cake a bride and groom get at their wedding. But Stacie totally surprised me when, after the cutting, the sharing, and the kissing, she said, "Man, that was the best cake!" and then took another huge bite. It was hilarious.


angelicindy said...

I keep thinking how gorgeous her colors are. It just makes every picture look so INTERESTING. Speaking of interesting... Stacie and JJ must be a kick in the pants because they have such FUN expressions! PS That cake does look good enough to eat :)

Stacie said...

I am just finally getting internet access! I love these! Can't wait to see the rest. You did an amazing job Michelle. Thank you so much!