Sunday, April 19, 2009


I asked my sister-in-law Valerie to hop back into her bridal gown and pose for me so I could, I thought it would be fun. She agreed. She is so beautiful and sassy, and I was totally shocked when she admitted that she hates getting her picture taken! Well, you CANNOT tell by looking at these pictures. Not only does she not like getting her picture taken, but she was attacked by a stray root in the orchard and was cut up pretty bad. These events make Valerie sister-in-law of the year! Special thanks to our assistant, Kathy, who will forever make me wish I had someone to hold up an umbrella to block out the sun.

We took these in a very popular photo spot in Provo. Then we took it to the orchard where we were able to shoot with about 20 deer, who were not at all afraid of us. It made for some amazing pictures.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is my niece, Ava. Since we are related and all, she is a frequent client of Michelle Sallay Photography. She is going to be turning a year next month so we took some pics for the occasion. These were taken downtown, at Social Hall Ave. LOVE THEM!

And finally, here is one I love of Mommy helping out on the set. Check out how Ava is STILL posing!