Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BEST OF 2009

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to do a favorite shots of the year post. It has been interesting to go through my 2009 portfolio and see which images still grab me. Because I am such a chatty individual it is hard not to post these favorites without sharing why I love them. These are in no particular order; I just couldn't rank is like ranking your kids.

This is the matriarch of one of my favorite families. It is sometimes frustrating how older people don't like to be photographed, but Clara didn't mind. She is smiling at her family and her wisdom shines in this portrait.

Life is precious, and the miracle of a healthy baby is one I will never take for granted.

Was it worth our little bride risking her life and sanity to climb these cement blocks and share the stage with several tropical-sized spiders? Yes, my friends, it was.

Some pregnant women have that iconic "glow." I DID NOT have that when I was pregnant, but Kristen did...times 10.

Katie and Trevor were very natural in front of the camera, and they totally have their guard down in this picture. Also, the camera always loves a bright bouquet.

Baby Luke is less that 12 hours old, and my friend is a new mommy.

Daddy and baby are fast friends.

When I asked this model to give me a serious face, she said she would but that it wouldn't look good. However, this might be my favorite serious face of the year.

The groom sneaks me a sly grin right after becoming a husband and shedding some tears seeing his bride walk down the aisle.

Perfect bouquet. Perfect lighting. Perfect picture.

Sometimes, the time I say "let's just take a few more over here" produces THE picture of the session. This was one of those times.

As a photographer, I wish every moment I capture could be truly candid, but so often it is more the illusion of being candid. This is my favorite candid shot this year.

My nephew looking like a rock star at my favorite location of 2009.

I always post my initial favorites on the blog before I get into editing a session. This one was not one of my faves first off, but now I LOVE it!

Every time I see this picture, I just think it screams that being married is cool.

Mommies and babies. There is something completely unreal about that bond. It is an honor to photograph it.

Let's hear it for the brides that give me their very best sass. There is something about being a bride that just makes pretty girls look astonishing.

This is my best friend, and I think she is amazingly adorable all of the time, but she looks rocking hot here. Plus the colors in this picture totally thrill me.

This reminds me of shooting my first destination wedding in San Diego. I think it is okay to love this picture for that reason alone, but it's not a bad shot to boot.

Totally 100% natural adorableness, and I am certain of that because little Ava wanted nothing to do with me for most of this shoot. My most natural model of 2009.

Families are so special. I love this one and this shot is totally them.

This was never on the blog, but it was a quick shot during a family shoot, and I just dig it. Nothing cooler than abandoned deco signs in the middle of Idaho.

These two were models and a half from the first shot to the last. This pic on the train is still super bad a** to me.

This is 100% the total essence of my nephew and I love this shot almost as much as the subject itself.

This was a picture I took while practicing with my already married sister-in-law. I feel like the shot is magical.

Another last shot of the session favorite. This picture always reminds me of the good time I had shooting my brother- and sis-in-law in Park City.

At every wedding I ask families to "give a big hug," and it NEVER turns out this perfect. I swear they must have practiced before.

There is a serious lack of pictures of me in my awesome shoes, so I seem to try and get plenty of shoe pics. My fave shoe pic of 2009 is:

The biggest moment of your life, when it becomes official.

I wish there were puddles available for every shoot. My favorite reflection picture of 2009 is:

Absolutely adorable and beautiful children.

Okay, so I said I wouldn't rank them, but I think my number one favorite picture of the year is the one I still have as my Facebook profile pic. This picture is so bright and colorful and looks like someone a lot more talented than me took it.

I want to thank all of my clients for an amazing first year. I look back at how much I have done, how many people I have met, and all that I have learned, and I am just delighted. I have experienced so many growing pains this year. Just like so many people who take pictures and get paid to do it, I feel blessed that I can do what I love and that others like it. But make no mistake about it--being a photographer is HARD. It takes a lot more than luck and magic to make a great picture, especially of someone you just met. Most of the time I am having fun and I feel fulfilled. Yet, many times I have wondered, what the heck am I doing? Am I too old for this? Is this costing too much money? Why don't I just take pictures of my daughter and call it a day? However, after I run through all my insecurities, I remember that I take pictures simply because I love it, I happen to love my pictures, and if someone else loves how I see the world too, then that is simply a bonus.

Here's to 2010 for more pictures, more laughs, more friends, more tears, and more lessons, to make me a much better photographer in December 2010 than I am in December 2009.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I have been just dying to get in and edit these adorable pictures of little Eddy, but with my busy Christmas schedule I hadn't had a chance. However, it was kind of fun to open up this folder today and rediscover these adorable pictures. It is astounding sometimes how many ways a baby can be adorable.