Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jessica and Joe's reception was a complete party. Most guests never seemed to leave and by the end of the night almost everyone was on on the floor shaking it. I had a great time, as you will soon see.

Now this is the second time I have taken a picture like this, and neither time was it MY idea. What is this saying about wedding dads everywhere?

There was a serious dance party going on that night at Joe and Jessica's reception. It started out with the little kids, but by the last few songs everyone was getting into it. Even our bride and groom who told me that they weren't going to dance took some time to dance together.

Everyone stuck around for the bubble send off. I get a super kick out of everyone blowing bubbles out of those little wands, but seeing Joe's dad blow bubbles with delicate ease just killed me!

Thanks Joe and Jessica for being such a lovely couple. I wish you the very best and then some!

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