Thursday, December 3, 2009


A month ago when it was A LOT warmer I had plans to take my sister's family pictures. Unfortunately we had some family drama so we didn't take them. We finally took them today and it was FREEZING so this shoot is the result of what I estimate was about 5 minutes of taking pictures. It was so cold, I could hardly move my finger to push down the shutter button on my camera. Still these are pretty cute.

Then despite the below zero temps I grabbed a couple of pics of my daughter in one of the 5 jackets I bought for her this month totally guilt free because it was my birthday. She lasted about 2 minutes, but I still got some cute ones. Either I'm that good or she is that cute. Or perhaps a little of both?

"Mom, I am cold and I am done with this freezing red bus!"


Brandy said...

Those are really great! I love the ones with Ava looking up at her parents. And the one of Stella looking over one shoulder is PERFECT. You are THAT good and she is THAT cute! xoxo
The red little nose and cheeks do make for proof of how great they were to humor you!

angelicindy said...

Ashley has such a beautiful family! I love how close you two girls are and how close your two little girls are :). Oh yea, and Ashley, love the boots!

Christy said...

You are that good, and she is that cute! :) Those pictures are great! Ashley and family look so cute!

John and Valerie said...

those are so cute! and I LOVE that jacket on stella!