Friday, March 27, 2009


These pictures are from the Mrs. Utah Gala that was held last night at La Caille. It looked so pretty that I had to take pictures of everything!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I did the most hilarious thing while at the temple. See, I had never met Christy's friend before, and so obviously did not know what she looked like. Her family was among some of the people waiting for brides to come out of the temple, so we assumed that she would be the next bride coming out. Here walked out this adorable bride with red hair and Christy told me it wasn't her friend, but I was too nuts about getting her picture to notice. It didn't throw me off that Christy wasn't taking any pictures or that her other old roommates were nowhere to be found. When the hubbub of this bride coming out of the temple calmed down, Christy finally made it clear to me that it WASN'T her friend. She assumed I had heard her and that I didn't care. I am sure that family is still wondering who that crazy girl at the temple was who was up front just snapping away pictures of their bride. Either way, I got some amazing pictures of her, and I meant to give her my card, but lost track of her. So here they are--the mystery bride and groom pics:

Also, I took this shot while waiting for Christy to get out of the sealing. I dug how this old man was just sitting watching all the people.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


For the cover of the program we shot one of the recipients in a graduation cap and gown, and had her hold out the medallion that each of the scholarship winners receive. We wanted to use one of the winners, but didn't want you to be able to tell who it was. Overall I thought they turned out so fun, and here are my favorite options.