Thursday, September 10, 2009


Erin and Brian's wedding reception was a total blast. Everyone seemed to have a great time, including me. Read through this post for some great tips I am stealing from Erin that can make your wedding even better.

Erin printed out a detailed list of all of the family pictures she wanted. It was most helpful for the guests so they knew when they needed to hang around and when they were done and could head up to the reception.

They also had a photo booth with silly accessories to entertain the guests while the formal pictures were being taken.

Erin and Brian hired a really good DJ. Please get referrals from your prospective DJ and meet them to make sure that you like them. They pretty much run the show and I have seen some BAD DJs ruin a perfectly nice reception.

Food was served after the first dance. Erin grabbed all of her vendors and put them in the front of the line so that they were fed and could continue through the evening being good vendors. Remember brides, VENDORS HAVE TO EAT TOO! I was starving, so thank you Erin!

These two went against tradition with the bouquet and garter toss. Every girl or boy was invited to participate (not just the singles) AND to make the scramble for the tossed items even more fun, they had cash prizes for the people that caught them.

Erin followed my dancing advice and started dancing on the floor too. It took a while for everyone to get started, but once the floor was full, most everyone was having a good time enjoying the party.

This was Erin's little brother:

Thanks again you guys. I really had a great time with you on your big day. You are both so sweet and thoughtful and I wish you the very best!

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angelicindy said...

a photo booth? Excellent! What a neat gift and momento for your guests :). Beautiful wedding and gorgeous photos!