Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This photo session was an absolute disaster! My idea was to get pictures of my daughter and niece in pretty white dresses in this field that I have been eyeing. After rounding up the two girls and getting them all coordinated, we drove to the field only to find that it had been mowed down...that morning! Then we went to a nearby park, but still had to do a little bit of hiking. Then the girls were NOT interested in cooperating. They would take off any chance they could. And then to my absolute HORROR, I found my daughter's adorable blue shoes totally scraped up and ruined from her crawling on the cement pathways. It was a mess! However, you can learn a lesson from this. Even if your worst nightmares come true and your photo shoot is a complete disaster, I will still manage to get some pretty darn amazing pictures. Here is the proof:


Christy said...

Those are pretty great! Those two are so adorable!! You can't even tell it was a disaster!

Livi Lou Photography said...

Oh my gosh....LOVE that picture of Stella! Her eyes are AMAZING!! So cute!

angelicindy said...

oh my goodness! what absolute dolls!