Thursday, July 16, 2009


Go ahead and hate Kristen for being that pregnant girl who stays tiny everywhere but her belly, but I promise that if you met her, you couldn't help but love her. I had so much fun taking these pictures, as it has been a while since I have been able to pose subjects that will hold still for a minute (what with all my photo sessions with children). These two are pretty good friends of mine, and these are some of my favorite pictures since Kristen is the prettiest pregnant girl ever! Thanks Rob and Kristen! You are going to be such amazing parents. I can't wait to meet your lucky little baby in a few months!


Christy said...

Those are awesome! I love all the angles and stuff. :)

Kristen said...

I'm crying. And not because of pregnancy hormones since I could not be more thrilled! It's going to be hard to choose just one so a few of my immediate favs: the 1st black and white with us against the wall. The upclose of our hands on my belly. The one with me leaning against Rob on those cement stairs from both angles. The single shot of me from up above on the stairs, sassy against the pole and black & white. Did I just list all of them? and this is only my initial impression. I can't wait to get Rob's reaction!

Kristen said...

ok I just got Rob's reaction over the phone. I wish I could have seen his face too since I just heard these little wows, gasps and sighs. His favorites were mostly of me (ah how sweet) the 3rd, the one from above on the stairs, and the last with my eyes. He also really liked the one on the cement stairs that looks 'vintage'. Here's a few of his remarks: "how did she do that?...she has the best angles...these are so good"
2 thumbs from the Bolke's and a big thanks for making us look and feel like a million bucks!

Melanie said...

I have to have those shoes that Kristen is wearing, where are they from?!!!

Brandy said...

As you would say, 'GOOD SHOW'! Those are wonderful. My favorites of Kristen are the sepia toned one and the one of her leaning against the column (all Cate Blanchett looking). How fun and cute.
And yes, if I hadn't met Kristen before, I may just be tempted to hate her tiny little self. So excited for the babe though.
LOVE the pics!

angelicindy said...

I can't believe all the great and interesting poses and angles! nice!

P.S. GREAT shoes :)