Thursday, June 17, 2010


I feel especially lucky to have met these two adorable people. I felt like I was just meant to be their photographer. I got this note from Amanda yesterday:

I just wanted to take this time to e-mail you and let you know how much we appreciated you on our wedding day. You made us feel so comfortable and we had so much fun having you as our photographer. Everyone loved you! You made us feel so relaxed and we know that you took some kick butt pictures. You definitely proved that you are not only talented at taking beautiful pictures but you have a great gift with people. Our wedding day would not have been as good with any other photographer. You were so much fun and so professional. We're looking forward to seeing our photos and we know they'll turn out great! Just know that we will highly highly recommend you to our friends because you are an outstanding person. I can't say it enough-- thanks again!

This is one of the sweetest thank you notes I have ever gotten, and they haven't even seen any of their pictures! So here are a few for my sweet newlyweds, and everyone else as well:


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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures, and that it depicts true love. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful surrounding and brings glory to the one who created not only creation but the marriage bond.