Monday, November 2, 2009


As a photographer, anytime you know you are going to be taking pictures of a family of seven, you get a little nervous. But with the Church family, I had nothing to worry about. All the kids were such good models and we were able to get the pictures done super fast. Speed was very important, because we had a huge storm coming in right as we met up for our shoot. So I guess we can thank mother nature for giving everyone that "wind blown" look that magazines pay money for. I had a great time with this family. Our time together was certainly short, but definitely sweet.


angelicindy said...

I love the one with the family walking shot from way down low on the ground!

Kristen said...

I rarely comment on people I don't know, but I love the mom & dad shots from this shoot. You can feel that they love each other. Also the babe with the chair is too cute.

Mirien said...

Michelle-We love our pictures! Thank you so much.