Friday, August 28, 2009


So one of the things I love about being a photographer is the relationships you form. You need to be able to get to know people pretty fast AND well if you are going to make them look comfortable in their pictures. It was very easy with this family they were all so open and welcoming it was really a treat to share the day with them. I had taken Stacie's bridals so I knew her a bit, but I had just met JJ the second he came out of the temple. Since I barley knew them both I didn't expect to get all emotional at their wedding dinner during all of the toasts. It was a surprise to me, and a real testament to the love all of these family and friends had for this couple. And of course how much love Stacie and JJ share. Ok, I love weddings, and I cry at them...what can I say?

The rest of the pics are devoted the evening of wild dancing that occured at this dinner. I have been to a lot of weddings where dancing was the plan, but no real dancing happend. (Mine being one of them.) So here is my wedding planner advice to get people to dance. 1-The bride (not always the groom) has to dance. 2-A live band is best, but at the very least have a good DJ. 3-Alchohol is extremly helpful. If you don't drink and want to dance re-read 1 & 2.

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