Friday, August 21, 2009


Becca and Steve were really lucky. It was a beautiful 80 degrees and sunny on their wedding day. Not bad for August when it is usually super hot. I am very happy for both of them. They are such a sweet and thoughtful couple, and I know they have many happy years ahead. On a personal note, I have a tendency to take vertical shots more than horizontal. It is just how I see things. So, I was surprised how many horizontal shots I took here, and I really love them. Here are my favorites from this dreamy and perfect afternoon at the temple.


Livi Lou Photography said...

Michelle the pictures are beautiful!! love them all!!

Janel said...

Michelle, I am a friend of all of the Gummows. As a result, I am not a frequent stalker (bad word)of your blog. I love to take pictures too, but I just wanted to tell you that you are AMAZING!! I love looking at your blog and the wonderful things you do. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!! Janel