Tuesday, March 23, 2010


On Saturday I helped Whimsy Floral set up a wedding at The Canyon's resort. It was glorious up there. I thought it would be freezing, but after running around and carrying heavy boxes it felt great, plus with no allergy issues at that altitude I was breathing easy...well, not sneezing anyway. I AM a LITTLE out of shape. ;)

Whimsy Floral is more of a high end floral designer, but don't let that intimidate you. She can work with just about any budget, just like she did with this bride. A mistake I made at my wedding was not hiring a good florist. DON'T DO THAT! Pictures last forever, but you may also have loads of pictures with flowers you hate. Every time I look at my amazing wedding pictures with my bridesmaids and family with their horrendous flowers I cringe. It is not worth it. Liz at Whimsy won't let you down!

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angelicindy said...

sigh. I love that last bouquet: the colors, the flowers, the photo. It's just breathtaking!