Monday, March 1, 2010


Carnations are underrated. Used properly, they can be totally adorable and they are really resilient little flowers. I used to work at Joseph Smith Memorial as a wedding hostess so I have seen the Empire room made up for plenty of weddings, and I have to say (totally honestly) that it looked the best I have ever seen it after Whimsy Floral followed the design plan of this sassy bride. Of course, simple and classic are really my aesthetic so I suppose that is why I was really in love with this room. Also, I own those IKEA candlestick holders too, so obviously they are my cup of tea. Okay, you get it--I liked this reception!


Christy said...

Those carnations really do look amazing! Of course, I've always loved them. :) That room is so beautiful! They did an amazing job.

Livi Lou Photography said...

so beautiful! I love how simple everything is. It is sooo classy!