Friday, June 19, 2009


My baby girl turns one tomorrow so I wanted to post some of her pictures from her one year photo session. These were taken a while ago, but she hasn't changed too much since. These are from two separate shoots--one was the official one year session, and another an impromptu session with my friend Crystal.

For the official session I wanted just some tall grass so we went to a park close to our house. While I was taking the first picture, my sister (and helpful assistant) smacked me on the arm. She was saving me from a pesky mosquito. Then suddenly I was being swarmed by hungry mosquitoes out for their evening meal. We were waving our arms and screaming and trying to keep them away. Funnily enough, they wanted nothing to do with Stella, and so I continued taking pictures. However, she thought the freaking out of Mom and Auntie was HILARIOUS and she kept waving her hands around like we did while laughing super hard. She thought we were putting on a little show for her. Remarkably, I think I got out of there with not one bite, along with several adorable pictures of the cutest kid in the whole wide world.


With these I can't pick my favorite face. As a photographer I am usually more selective, but as a mom...I LOVE them all!


angelicindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA! She's a doll all right! I love the pic with the suitcase that you tinted sepia? sapia? brown :).

Christy said...

Oh my gosh! Those are incredible!! She is a natural poser.