Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Brandy is one gal who loves pictures as much as I do, so it was a natural birthday wish for her to have two year pictures of her adorable son Mason taken by yours truly. Mom's request was simple: she wanted ultra urban. So we did just that. How did we get so many great pictures of a kid who certainly has NO interest in photo shoots? We made him think he was playing. It was a lot of running around and fast moving on both our parts, but I think Brandy will agree with me and say it was completely worth it. Mason looks cute in almost every photo, and it was hard for me to to pick my favorites, but here they are anyway in all of their urban glory. Thank you downtown Salt Lake City.

Monday, May 25, 2009


This wedding would leave any guest wanting to ask the bride: "So my dear, how do you really feel about pink?" When the room was all finished and set up, I had to say that if I were the pink loving bride I would be well pleased. I was wowed by Whimsy's work again! Especially the submerged orchids in the tall centerpieces. It took us three cars to drive all of these flowers to the reception site (one of my personal favorites, Memorial House) and all of our cars were filled to the brim. My personal favorite element was the cake, which totally charmed me! It was simple and looked old fashioned without the traditional wedding cake fondant. It looked delicious! Good thing I am a professional, and do not taste the cakes before the bride cuts into them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Meet Heidi. She has been married for a little over ten years. She never had her bridals taken, and she hates most of her wedding pictures, so we decided to go ahead and take some sassy pictures of her. I have to say, she looks super hot and adorable. I hope these help make up for lost time.

We took these at various locations downtown. It was really fun. We got so into it in fact that at one point we put the veil down on the ground and forgot about it while we took more pictures at the Gallivan Center. When we went to leave, we found the veil missing! There was a wedding going on, and we thought some little girls had found it and had taken it to the wedding. However, we didn't want to crash the wedding with me looking like a scrounge and Heidi a bride. We were so happy when one of the wedding guests offered to go and look for it and he found it on a table. Crisis averted!

I love so many of these! I hope you do as well.

Monday, May 11, 2009


This wedding, at the always beautiful Millcreek Inn, was so bright and fun. I love how clever some brides can be! These were two huge weddings in one day for Whimsy, and the team pulled it off! As usual, Liz totally went the extra mile for this bride. She whipped up some extra centerpieces with extra flowers and fixed a damaged cake. I am so lucky to be able to work with someone who really treats her brides like gold.


This was one amazing wedding! Again, I assisted Liz from Whimsy Floral to help set up this absolutely gorgeous wedding at the Sundance Resort up Provo Canyon. There was a ceremony, a cocktail area, and a reception hall. Each area had a totally different style, yet they all flowed together flawlessly. There were so many little details, and of course I loved each and every one. Yet again, I was amazed with the talent of Whimsy. They actually built trees for the centerpieces, pretty impressive I'd say! Enjoy these pictures of one truly inspirational wedding!