Sunday, May 17, 2009


Meet Heidi. She has been married for a little over ten years. She never had her bridals taken, and she hates most of her wedding pictures, so we decided to go ahead and take some sassy pictures of her. I have to say, she looks super hot and adorable. I hope these help make up for lost time.

We took these at various locations downtown. It was really fun. We got so into it in fact that at one point we put the veil down on the ground and forgot about it while we took more pictures at the Gallivan Center. When we went to leave, we found the veil missing! There was a wedding going on, and we thought some little girls had found it and had taken it to the wedding. However, we didn't want to crash the wedding with me looking like a scrounge and Heidi a bride. We were so happy when one of the wedding guests offered to go and look for it and he found it on a table. Crisis averted!

I love so many of these! I hope you do as well.


Christy said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

Rob and I tried to pick out a favorite, but they are individually amazing for different reasons. What a beautiful model!